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Heckel could be:

  • Erich Heckel (1883-1970), German painter and print maker
  • Johann Jakob Heckel, Austrian ichthyologist
  • Édouard Marie Heckel French botanist and medical doctor.
  • Wilhelm Heckel GmbH, woodwind musical instrument manufacturer based in Wiesbaden, Germany

Usage examples of "heckel".

Haematin, its digestion by Drosera, 121 Hairs, glandular, absorption by, 344 , , summary on, 353 Heat, inducing aggregation in Drosera, 53 , effect of, on Drosera, 66 , , on Dionaea, 294, 319 Heckel, on state of stamens of Berberis after excitement, 43 Hofmeister, on pressure arresting movements of protoplasm, 61 Holland, Mr.