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Hecht may refer to:

  • Hecht (surname)
  • Hecht's, a chain of department stores, also known as Hecht Brothers, Hecht Bros. and the Hecht Company
  • Hecht Museum at Haifa University in Israel
  • Wolf pack Hecht ("Pike"), a group of German World War II U-boats
  • Hecht is a gymnastics dismount skill performed on the horizontal bar or uneven bars
Hecht (surname)

The surname Hecht comes from house shields (cf. herald) of Jewish communities such as Frankfurt/Main. Yiddishder hekht means spear, arms. In modern German Der Hecht is the fish known in English as pike.

Hecht is the surname of a number of people including:

Usage examples of "hecht".

Greta Garbo, Ernest Hemingway, Jimmy Stewart, Ginger Rogers, Edna Ferber, Gene Kelly, Fredric March, Judy Garland, Myrna Loy, Montgomery Clift, Gregory Peck, Boris Karloff, Billy Wilder, Kurt Weill, Josh Logan, Dashiell Hammett, Charles Laughton, Ben Hecht, Charles MacArthur, Helen Hayes, Herman Mankiewicz, Lillian Hellman, Fred Astaire, Gene Fowler, and on and on.

Hecht and his colleagues back at the Cincinnatian Hotel where we were staying.