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Hebra may refer to:

  • Hebra, a marine snail in the family Nassariidae
  • a zebroid that is a crossing between a horse stallion and a zebra mare
  • Ferdinand Ritter von Hebra, an Austrian physician and dermatologist
Hebra (gastropod)

Hebra is a genus of sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Nassariidae, the Nassa mud snails or dog whelks.

This genus is unaccepted and is considered a synonym of Nassarius Duméril, 1805 .

Usage examples of "hebra".

Preparations of antimony in an ointment applied locally have caused necrosis, particularly of the cranium, and Hebra has long since denounced the use of tartar emetic ointment in affections of the scalp.

According to Hebra a true typical keloid is found once in every 2000 cases of skin-disease.

It was a rule of the Mellah that on notice being given of a death in their quarter, the clerk of the synagogue should publish it at the first service thereafter, in order that a body of men, called the Hebra Kadisha of Kabranim, the Holy Society of Buriers, might straightway make arrangements for burial.

Later his six groups were merged into three by an Austrian dermatologist named Ferdinand Ritter von Hebra, whose classification was adopted.

Burns like these, with gross destruction of subcutaneous tissue and muscle, even bone, third degree on the Hebra scale, would have been sixth on the Dupuytren.

A merchant of Akif, visiting a most specialized brothel called The House of the Lambs of Hebra, had .