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Hebei (; postal: Hopeh) is a province of China in the North China region. Its one- character abbreviation is "" (jì), named after Ji Province, a Han Dynasty province ( zhou) that included what is now southern Hebei. The name Hebei literally means "north of the river", referring to its location entirely to the north of the Huang He 黄河 ( Yellow River).

Hebei was formed in 1928 after the central government dissolved the province of Chihli (直隸), which means "Directly Ruled (by the Imperial Court)".

Beijing and Tianjin Municipalities, which border each other, were carved out of Hebei. The province borders Liaoning to the northeast, Inner Mongolia to the north, Shanxi to the west, Henan to the south, and Shandong to the southeast. Bohai Bay of the Yellow Sea is to the east. A small part of Hebei, Sanhe Exclave, consisting of Sanhe, Dachang Hui Autonomous County, and Xianghe County, an exclave disjointed from the rest of the province, is wedged between the municipalities of Beijing and Tianjin.

A common alternate name for Hebei is Yānzhào , after the state of Yan and state of Zhao that existed here during the Warring States period of early Chinese history.

Hebei (disambiguation)

Hebei is a province in China.

Hebei may also refer to:

  • Hebei District, Tianjin
  • Hebei people, Mandarin-speaking people of North China from Hebei province
  • 2505 Hebei, main-belt asteroid
  • Hebei Circuit, a major administrative division during the Tang, Five Dynasties and Song dynasties
  • Heshuo, also named Hebei, an ancient Chinese term referring to areas north of the Yellow River