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n. (archaic spelling of heat English) vb. (archaic spelling of heat English)

Usage examples of "heate".

Deane soon discovered, firefighters had no particular eagerness to enter burning structures in any form of attire, but most especially not in something that heated up like a kettle and made them clumsy into the bargain.

He could barely breathe, his lungs wanting to reject the charged, heated air.

Some of the debris chunks were large enough to crack open as they heated, and secondary tracks fanned out from sparking explosions.

He could immediately see how the water could be heated by dropping in fire-hot stones.

This heated air rose rapidly, as if against a mountainside and, rising, it cooled and the moisture in it condensed.

He took out the ID disc of the murdered girl, and held it until it heated his hand.

They dragged him near the fire but it only heated one side of his body: burned itwhile the other side ached with cold.

But having heated every circuit in the beam, he had risked being detected by the Diggers, or whoever was out there.

At Coldharbor she was able to sleep for long periods, and there was a sensuality in her slumber sleep heated her skin and made her dampas if all her dreams were sexual.

It shamed her to realize that she now thought of Logan in that same heated way she had once thought about Repp.

Out of the ruptured sea rose a vast wave that radiated outward in all directions and which crashed against the cliffs of the erupting coastline in a blast of hissing vapor which at once cooled and heated and poured yet more impetus into the towering plume rising above the land.

His eyes were as wide as saucers too at the heated exchange that had just taken place.

When Frederick left, she went to the kitchen and heated a cup of chicken soup, which she carried into the bedroom with a fake smile pasted on her face.

Tempers were heated and insults were flying when Kane and Amos moved further into the room.

She felt the blood rush into her face as she rose straighter in the saddle, pinning him with a heated glare that made his brows arch.