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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Heartbroken fans camped outside his house in Beverly Hills.
▪ Amy was heartbroken when her puppy was lost.
▪ Mr and Mrs Dudley were heartbroken at having to leave the home where they had lived for thirty years.
▪ When her parents separated, she was heartbroken.
▪ Her father would not remember her either because she was no longer eight years old and heartbroken.
▪ One year the bird did not return, and Bhayader was heartbroken.
▪ Scorning the establishment, they left homes and heartbroken parents.
▪ Six-year-old Stewart Davies carried a donor card everywhere with him, heartbroken dad Brian revealed.
▪ Surely some one somewhere knows who killed Ann Heron and that person could ease the pain for her heartbroken family.
▪ We've broken up, I've been heartbroken through bizarre circumstances ... but I still live with that person.
▪ Well, of course, his parents were heartbroken and his brothers and sisters.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Heartbroken \Heart"bro`ken\ (-br[=o]`k'n), a. Overcome by crushing sorrow; deeply grieved.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1580s, present participle of heartbreak.


a. Suffering from sorrow, especially after a failed romance


adj. full of sorrow [syn: brokenhearted, heartsick]

Heartbroken (T2 song)

"Heartbroken" is the first single from British producer T2 to reach a place on the UK Singles Chart, peaking at number two behind Leona Lewis's " Bleeding Love". T2 produced the backing music, and the vocals are performed by British singer Jodie Aysha, who wrote the song.

The song was later rewritten to support boxer Ricky Hatton in his match against Floyd Mayweather.

Heartbroken (novel)

Heartbroken is a psychological thriller by bestselling author Lisa Unger. It is a standalone novel.


Heartbroken may refer to:

  • Heartbroken (novel) by Lisa Unger
  • The Heartbroken band
  • Heartbroken (T2 song) 2007
  • "Heartbroken", a song by Cathy Carr
  • "Heartbroken", a song by Aaliyah from the album One in a Million

Usage examples of "heartbroken".

Unwilling to risk losing this windfall, Tinwright was preparing to retreat with the tankard to his room before the potboy realized what he had done, and was heartbroken to hear Gil say, You are a poet .

I have seen many heartbroken spirits who go to their relatives and friends, and the door is closed in their faces.

When he finally left the family to go and live with a woman who had been his lover for a number of years Clarissa was heartbroken, so much so that Harriet actually feared for her life.

Since she had been old enough to thread a needle, she had worked on her father's burial garment, and he had proudly worn it at every festival, and now the heartbroken father had dressed his daughter in his own garment.

Then he took out his books and read awhile, and I read too, both of us with separate oil lamps banked low, a quiet evening at home as the foggy wind roared in the trees outside and across the valley a mournful mule heehawed in one of the most tremendously heartbroken cries I've ever heard.

Far below, a heartbroken sobbing would start up like a mill-wheel, or weird, high singing would weave resonating glass rods through the forest, or eldritch knockings and tappings would echo through the lofty vaults, emanating from down among the roots.

One day she would run off with some layabout scaffolder, and Cyprianus would be heartbroken.

I wanted to be with the rest of the class, trampling the hell out of some other poor heartbroken kid – one of the swots or weeds or Indians or Jews who were habitually and horribly bullied.

The Voodoos, and the heartbroken but strong young woman who was Mae’s successor as queen, had given her a wonderful funeral in her faith.