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heart muscle

n. the muscle tissue of the heart; adapted to continued rhythmic contraction [syn: cardiac muscle]

Usage examples of "heart muscle".

We've got good medicines to cope when your bones thin, your heart muscle decays and your head clogs with every body fluid in existence.

Also, the pain of angina pec-toris, which originates through a reduction in the blood flow to the heart muscle, is generally felt in the left shoulder and arm.

When people know they don't have a chance any more they produce tremendous tensions, and it just rips at the heart muscle and breaks it down.

Goodman stopped the oxygen, thinking that maybe the myocardium or heart muscle was particularly sensitive to the high oxygen levels that were obviously in the blood.

The electrocardiogram measures electrical currents within the heart muscle—.

One of the vessels which carries blood to the heart muscle is blocked.

The good news was that he had sustained relatively little damage to the heart muscle.