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vb. (en-third-person singular of: hear)

Usage examples of "hears".

Its engine idles as the rider's papers are checked, then Waterhouse hears a Bronx cheer as it surges forward and cuts the sharp turn into the lane.

The family hears at least once a standard year at Homefaring, but that's five months away.

When she wakes up, I wish her good morning and mine is the last voice she hears at night.

When he hears the latest report—your Beasts Blatisant—you're going to be in for another long psychological profile session, and Keff along with you.

We can only hope she hears the messages we sent when the ship first entered the system.

He'll do more than cool his drink with his breath if he hears anything we should know.

Then he hears an exaltation of girlish laughter coming from a second-story window, and moves toward it like a jellyfish sucked into an intake pipe.

When he takes them off, the ringing has stopped, and he no longer hears airplanes.

He hears that they have been hit by one and maybe two of something that rhymes with "torpedoes," and that they are trying to raise steam.

He is about halfway across to the torpedo boat when he feels, but scarcely hears, a sharp shock.

Randy hears his words from the other end of a mile-long bumwad tube, and immediately reviews them in his own mind to make sure he has not revealed any proprietary corporate information or given Dr.

He slides the fingertip over the surface of the cold metal and hears a rasping sound.

Black smoke and blue light sputter from the barrels of their weapons, and much later he hears them opening fire.

He hears a noise approaching, like a sheet being torn in half to make bandages.

The U-boat has its whip aerial up, is monitoring the usual frequencies, and hears the Trinidadian steamer fire up her radio and send out an SOS.