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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ How does a hearer know if a speaker is speaking indirectly as well as directly?
▪ Once at least he could feel that a sermon of his moved his hearers.
▪ Police had to be brought in to protect Laing from the outraged violence of some of his hearers.
▪ Strictly speaking, this should be used to refer to an auditory sensation experienced by the hearer.
▪ The more responsibility hearers are given, the weaker the communication.
▪ This is what makes the most immediate impact on the hearer and arouses his empathy.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hearer \Hear"er\ (h[=e]r"[~e]r), n. One who hears; an auditor.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., agent noun from hear.


n. (context dated English) One who hears; a devout listener.


n. someone who listens attentively [syn: listener, auditor, attender]

Usage examples of "hearer".

Were I again to deliver a course of physiological lectures to qualified hearers, I should make the experimental demonstrations on living animals as few and far between as was compatible with duty.

The Cocceian brought all his questions into the pulpit, where he preached them in a manner more adapted to addle the heads of his hearers than to edify their hearts.

And in the mind of reader or hearer there are further falsifications, because, words not being a direct channel of thought, he constantly sees meanings which are not there.

It was a great age for romances and story-telling, and he told stories, old in new dresses, but he was also careful to use contemporary life, which his hearers understood.

It was good, all that he had to say on that point, the better that it made two or three of his hearers feel a little sore and indignant.

As his voice gathers strength, the hearers begin to feel the influence of a terrible earnestness.

To one of his hearers he seemed to utter the names with excessive emphasis, his deep voice reverberating in the church.

Emma to teach her hearers to hate little Blanche just because hers was the easier lot.

After the first few interruptions he lost his temper, and with it his cause, as far as these present hearers were concerned.

Whilst Mutimer was speaking at the lower end of the Green, Redgrave would lift up his voice in the opposite part, and make it understood that Mutimer would repeat his address there as soon as he had satisfied the hearers below.

It was an awful sound that spoke to its hearers at depths far below their conscious understanding.

But, he told his hearers, the text had seemed to him specially adapted for the guidance of those whose lot it was to lead the life of the world and who yet wished to lead that life not in the manner of worldlings.

His preaching was with such pertinence that the one half of His hearers went home saying, Never man spake like this man, while the other half gnashed at Him with their teeth.

His enthusiasm thrilled his hearers, his appeal to their honour and chivalry roused all the finer feelings within them.

Having thus excited the curiosity of his hearers, by proposing a riddle to them, he began.