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Healy, AK -- U.S. Census Designated Place in Alaska
Population (2000): 1000
Housing Units (2000): 604
Land area (2000): 669.016031 sq. miles (1732.743493 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.353500 sq. miles (0.915561 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 669.369531 sq. miles (1733.659054 sq. km)
FIPS code: 32150
Located within: Alaska (AK), FIPS 02
Location: 63.970935 N, 149.126862 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 99743
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Healy, AK
Healy (crater)

Healy is a lunar crater that lies past the northwestern limb of the Moon, on the far side relative to the Earth. It is located to the southeast of the walled plain Landau, and west of Lorentz, another walled plain. The rim of Healy is only slightly worn, but a small crater lies across the northeastern side. The inner walls and interior floor are relatively featureless, with no impacts of note.


Healy may refer to:

  • Healy (surname)
  • Healy, Alaska, United States
  • Healy, Kansas, United States
  • Healy, Queensland, Australia, a suburb of Mount Isa
  • Healy Hall, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, United States
  • Healy (Metra station), a commuter rail station in Chicago
  • Healy (volcano), a submarine volcano near New Zealand's Kermadec Islands
  • USCGC Healy, a United States Coast Guard icebreaker
Healy (volcano)

Healy is a submarine volcano located among New Zealand's Kermadec Islands. Its last major eruption took place around 1360, creating a large caldera.

The volcano's name originates from the British-Australian explorer and navigator Captain Jake Healy who first wrote about the volcano in his journal after noticing Volcanic glass in the water whilst fishing.

Healy (surname)

The English-language surname Healy is in used by three separate ancestral lines of people from Ireland.

When Irish people began to anglicise their names, two separate clans adopted the English-language surname of "Healy". There was the Ó hÉilidhe clan from Connaught and the Ó hÉalaighthe clan from Munster.

Many different spellings of the surname exist including Haly, Haley, Haily, Healey, Hely, O'Healey, O'Haly and many more.

Usage examples of "healy".

Healy kicked him over, made sure he was dead, then began undoing the bell wire.

When Healy was a kid blocks were made of varnished hardwood and they came in a heavy corrugated cardboard box.

Charlie Kearns and Peter Dunning were crossing the yard toward the house when Matt helped Madge Healy down.

Rune tossed the pizza on the table and moved closer to Healy, resting her head against his chest, as the opening credits ended and Nicole's picture faded into the grimy, cold-lit marquee of a movie theater on Eighth Avenue.

Madge Healy was asleep in a chair nearby, and Joss Ringgold sat in the doorway with a shotgun across his knees.