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Healey may refer to:

  • Healey (automobile), various car manufacturers and models bearing the Healey name
  • Healey (surname), people with the surname Healey
  • Jeff Healey, Canadian jazz and blues-rock vocalist and guitarist
  • Mike Healey, a fictional character from Neighbours
  • Healey Willan (1880-1968), Anglo-Candadian composer
  • Chadwyck-Healey baronets, an English baronetcy seated in Surrey
Places in England
  • Healey, Greater Manchester
  • Healey, Kirklees, West Yorkshire
  • Healey, Northumberland
  • Healey, North Yorkshire
  • Healey, Wakefield, West Yorkshire
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  • Healy (disambiguation)
Healey (surname)

Healey is a surname with several origins. It is an English toponymic surname, from Healey near Manchester and possibly also from other places named Healey in Yorkshire and Northumberland. It can also be an Irish name, originally from the Sligo area and the Gaelic word Ó hEalaighthe, which derives from 'ealadhach' meaning ingenious. The surname has a number of spelling variations, the most common being ' Healy'.

Healey (automobile)

The surname Healey is used variously in the automotive industry:

  • Donald Healey (1898-1988), British rally driver & automotive engineer
  • Geoffrey Healey (1922-1994), British car designer, son of Donald
  • Donald Healey Motor Company (1946-1953), British car manufacturer founded by Donald Healey in Warwick UK
    • Healey (1946-1954) various models using a 2443 cc Riley engine built at Warwick
    • Nash-Healey (1951-1954), a joint venture with Nash Motors built with a Nash engine at Warwick and marketed only in USA by Nash
  • Austin-Healey (1953-1973), a joint venture with Austin/BMC/Leyland using various Austin engines
    • Austin-Healey 100(/4) & 100/6 (1953-56, 1956-1959), produced by BMC and Jensen Motors at West Bromwich UK
    • Austin-Healey Sprite (1958-1971), produced by BMC at Abingdon
    • Austin-Healey 3000 (1959-1967), produced by BMC and Jensen Motors
  • Jensen-Healey (1972-1976), a joint venture with Jensen produced by Jensen Motors
  • Hult Healey, Swedish kit-car
See also
  • Healey 1000/4 (1971-1977), motorcycle built in Redditch