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Heale is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Dominic Heale (born 1961), British journalist and newsreader
  • Gary Heale (born 1958), English footballer
  • Jimmy Heale (1914–1997), English footballer
  • Theophilus Heale (1816–1885), New Zealand politician

Usage examples of "heale".

Master Mullens dictated his will to the Governor, which he noted down, and Giles Heale, the chirurgeon, and Christopher Joanes, of the crew, witnessed, they being left aboard to care for the sick, keep the ship, etc.

So perfect in that art was Paridell,That he Malbeccoes halfen eye did wyle,His halfen eye he wiled wondrous well,And Hellenors both eyes did eke beguyle,Both eyes and hart attonce, during the whyleThat he there soiourned his wounds to heale.

With thought whereof, exceeding mad he grew,And in his rage his mother would haue slaine,Had she not fled into a secret mew,Where she was wont her Sprights to entertaineThe maisters of her art: there was she faineTo call them all in order to her ayde,And them coniure vpon eternall paine,To counsell her so carefully dismayd,How she might heale her sonne, whose senses were decayd.