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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Heald \Heald\ (h[=e]ld), n. [CF. Heddle.] A heddle.


Heald is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Anthony Heald (born 1944), American actor
  • Brad Heald (born 1983), Australian bass guitarist
  • Clare Heald (1895–1973), English jockey
  • Glen Heald (born 1967), Australian guitarist, songwriter and producer
  • Greg Heald (born 1971), English footballer
  • Henry Townley Heald (1904–1975), American university president
  • John Heald (born 1965), English banker and blogger, cruise director of Carnival Cruise Lines
  • Lionel Heald (1897–1981), British barrister and politician
  • Mike Heald, American soccer midfielder
  • Nathan Heald (1775–1832), American US Army officer
  • Oliver Heald (born 1954), British barrister and politician
  • Ollie Heald (born 1975), Canadian footballer
  • Paul Heald (born 1968), English footballer
  • Tim Heald (born 1944), British author, biographer, journalist and public speaker
  • William H. Heald (1864–1939), American banker, lawyer and politician

Usage examples of "heald".

The other two, Benson and Heald, were sturdy young men not out of their teens, and sat their saddles as if used to them.

When the septa took up stations in orbit, the Heald Designate cheered him.