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Etymology 1 interj. A shouted warning that something is falling from above, mind your heads. n. 1 (plural of head English) 2 (context nautical English) That part of older sailing ships forward of the forecastle and around the beak, used by the crew as their lavatory; still used as the word for toilets on a ship. 3 The side of a coin that bears the picture of the head of state or similar 4 abbreviation for headphones. 5 (context Irish legal English) Draft scheme of a bill#Noun 3 before it is formally introduced to a parliament Etymology 2

vb. (en-third-person singular of: head) Etymology 3

n. (context slang English) High-grade marijuan

Heads (Osibisa album)

Heads is the third album by British Afro-pop band Osibisa released in 1972.

Heads (Bob James album)

Heads is the fifth album by jazz musician Bob James. It was his first album released on his newly formed Tappan Zee label, which was distributed at the time by Columbia Records. All of his Tappan Zee albums (which includes his CTI back-catalog) are now distributed by E1 Music.

Heads (film)

Heads is an American-Canadian black comedy directed by Paul Shapiro that originally aired as a TV film.

Usage examples of "heads".

A contingent of soldiers waited there, dressed in the peculiar armor of Norvor, their heads hidden beneath winged helmets.

There were stunted midgets like Minikin and freakish giants like Trog, milk-skinned albinos and dwarves with heads too large for their diminutive bodies.

They moved with perfection, charging across the desert, their weapons poised, their armored heads bowed.

They were ghastly, motionless and bloated, their heads lolling forward in death.

Trager swiveled in confused panic, watching as more and more of the armored heads appeared in the cliffs.

Rather, there were plenty of people heading in both directions, umbrellas hiding their faces or heads bent against the rain.

Their growls were now fearful, their formerly pricked up ears flat to their heads and their stubs of tails plastered to their hindquarters.

Dawn expediently dispatched the two guards who were rushing her by waiting until the last moment and then ramming their heads together.

Both of them sprawled with their heads against the seat, and when he looked at her, his face really was very close.

She searched over heads frantically, trying to spot his brown coat and dark hair.

Over the heads of the rows of dignitaries in front of her, she glimpsed Gabe and an elderly man in a long black robe stepping into the doorway behind the stage.

Q-group, and today they finally stuck their heads up high enough for me to get a position fix on them.

Strange new hopes danced in their heads, hopes none in Tear had dared for a hundred generations, hopes mixed with fears as old as the Breaking.

He could probably pull the Stone down on their heads, if he wanted to.

Elayne were in the water already, only their heads showing as they swam lazily in the middle of the pond.