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vb. 1 (context US transitive English) To provide an organization with headquarters. 2 (context US intransitive English) To establish headquarters.


Usage examples of "headquarter".

A large sign in the lobby of the hotel directed him to the fifth-floor headquarters of the Tonsil, Adenoid and Vas Deferens Society.

Should he go to headquarters next day and challenge that affected adjutant, or really let the matter drop, was the question that worried him all the way.

Headquarters 1850 M Street NW Suite 1040 Washington, DC 20036 202-833-5566 According to the association, 70 percent of outdoor advertisers ar.

It was not unusual for these meetings to be held by the lakeside, rather than in the great hall of the Shadowleague headquarters, because the Afanc, who was Chief Loremaster for all water-dwellers, could not leave his watery habitat.

Emory had been sent afield until now only one was left, and three days after Burleigh started there came a dispatch from department headquarters directing the sending of that one to Frayne at once.

What she did not know was that they were sent on from there, to be received in real-time at Anabasis Headquarters.

He went across to the Q-ship communicator one last time and initiated a Link sequence to Anabasis Headquarters on Ceres.

My original plan was to take Captain Flammarion with me, while you stayed in charge at Anabasis Headquarters.

The great news must be transmitted through the Link to Anabasis Headquarters.

Q-ship in orbit around Travancore and the control room of Anabasis Headquarters were close, an infinitesimal Link-space distance apart.

Not only was the ship clearly visible to the forces at El Arish, it had been positively identified by Israeli naval headquarters.

Outside the Mining Complex Headquarters, he took a two-man autocar to the address Barsey had printed on the slip.

Headquartered in Tehran, SAIRI was under the chairmanship of Muhammad Baqir al Hakim, a prominent clergyman whose father had been the leading ayatollah of Iraq in the 1960s.

Wednesday, November 2 2100 hours Nuclear bomb factory Chah Bahar, Iran General Reza Ruhollah had been outside his commandeered headquarters at the bomb plant and on his way to where his men reported a firefight was in progress with aggressors.

Some of the locations he had brought back data for had been discovered, but, to his relief, not the underground duplicate Force Command Headquarters, and not the spaceport on the island continent of Barathrum, to the east.