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contraction 1 he will 2 he shall

Usage examples of "he'll".

Captain himself, coming to you live as he'll ever be, direct from Ralfcon!

Carri says she'll sell me her Cabri for four grand, and Mom says that sounds okay to her, and Dad says he'll go half if Mom goes half, and they both say it sounds like a good birthday present, but I don't know if the car's any good.

Franz assures me he was quite the devil with the women-remember, he didn't contract lover's catarrh from a toilet seatand the gleam in his eye every time he looks at you indicates that he'll give his all, however much that may be.

He'll take a new face and a new identity, and that will be the end of Clan Campbell, bad cess to the name.

CH014 Sergeant Stone: Hard to Forget by Hathno Paige I wait in the Burgerland parking lot wondering what he'll pull up in, hoping for a classic like the yellow, six-wheel ATV and not some chichi rocket-bike.

He'll never come to health o' body or min' till he's confest, and God has forgien him.

Of course, he may understand--I don't know, and I'm certainly not going to tell him--that with development of that golf course and the subdivision, his land value and the taxes and conservancy assessments on it are going to skyrocket so high he'll never be able to raise the cash for those costs by growing beans.

My wife, who cooks for you every day, and is only twentyfour, goes to see him when she will, and he will have her come in without ceremony, even if he be in bed, and that's more than he'll do for a senator.

My son, he's agoing into business with the old Doctor he studied with, and he's agoing to board with me at my daughter's for a while,--I suppose he'll be getting a wife before long.

He'll check out the bar identified on the matchbook we found at Allison's, as well as interview Mrs.

Tilghman, now—he only comes out from his Anchor when he's surrounded by both amplifiers and an army, but he'll slip, sooner or later.

That way, he'll have to wake to piss every half-hour, and can't get started %T the sort of rumption that shakes the shingles loose.

He'll kill you and send flowers to your funeral if any apologies are called for.

Inasmuch as he sounded the clarion call to the other barons, he'll have little choice.

He'll come back like his Uncle Tityros the schoolmaster, a seedy creature with glasses and a hollow rump!