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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hawser-laid \Haws"er-laid`\ (-l[=a]d`), a. Made in the manner of a hawser. Cf. Cable-laid, and see Illust. of Cordage.

Usage examples of "hawser-laid".

He was no longer using an ordinary allpurpose line but a hawser-laid nylon rope, only a quarterinch in diameter but with a breaking strength of twenty-six hundred pounds.

He was on a half-inch, hawser-laid nylon line with a breaking strength of four thousand pounds, secured to the trunk of a sturdy pine and belayed by two other deputies.

But surely my dear Stephen, you must be aware, after all this time at sea, that a hawser is cable-laid, not hawser-laid?

The problem eventually proved to be getting the oily old hawser-laid rope to go through the descendure to allow him to move at all.