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The Collaborative International Dictionary

hawsehole \hawse"hole`\, hawsepipe \hawse"pipe`\n. a hole in the bow of a ship, through which the anchor rope or cable passes.

Syn: hawse, hawsepipe.


n. (context nautical English) The hole through which a ship's anchor rope is passed.


n. the hole that an anchor rope passes through [syn: hawse, hawsepipe]


Hawsehole is a nautical term for a small hole in the hull of a ship through which hawsers may be passed. Also known as a cat hole. In the (British) Royal Navy, an officer who had served as a seaman before being promoted was said to have "come in through the hawsehole."

Usage examples of "hawsehole".

Lummomu and Huri were already inside the other hawsehole and sliding down.

The Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club is a mile or so down the road from here, and in the summer the nautical gentry will visit places like The Rusty Hawsehole after a day of sailing.

But there was nothing he could do, there was nothing anybody could do, to muffle the rattle and clank as the chain scraped through the hawsehole into the chain locker.

The vision vouchsafed was very dim, and she saw little Tolivar clinging to a chain, looking out of the wide-open hawsehole.