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n. (alternative spelling of hawsepipe English)

Usage examples of "hawse-pipe".

An electric windlass is in itself a pretty noiseless machine: when weighing anchor all the racket comes from four sources - the chain passing through the hawse-pipe, the clacking of the brake pawl over the successive stops, the links passing over the drum itself and the clattering of the chain as it falls into the chain locker.

She plunged in up to the hawse-pipes and bounded up, water pouring off her hull like ribbons of molten glass.

The wild staggering of the Viroma, the explosive, shuddering impact of plummeting bows burying themselves to the hawse-pipes in a massive head sea, would have been a terrifying experience for any landsman: Captain Findhorn barely noticed it.

They clambered up the hanging sections of giant links, past the great double winching mechanism with its iron gears that raised or lowered the anchors, to the hawse-pipes through which the chains passed to the ship's bow.