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n. (plural of haw English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: haw)


Haws is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • John Henry Hobart Haws (1809-1858), United States Representative from New York
  • Kurt Haws (born 1969), former American football tight end
  • Tyler Haws (born 1991), American basketball player

Usage examples of "haws".

Robert Haws, the minister from the Baptist church, appeared along with his wife, June, and yet another woman who introduced herself as Mrs.

June Haws was in her fifties, no more than five feet tall and, like many women in her weight class, destined for a sedentary life.

Reverend Haws was intoning an alarming passage from the Old Testament full of besiegedness, pestilence, consuming locusts, and distress.

Reverend Haws stepped aside, but he was still standing closer to me than I would have liked.

My recollection of Reverend Haws made attendance unlikely, but I couldn't rule it out.

I could see June Haws in the choir loft, rocking back and forth as she played the pipe organ with much working of the feet.

Royce must have signed himself out of the hospital after Reverend Haws paid his call.

By dawn they would need to be leagues away, down the cliff road which led to Haws Valley and well buried in the woods which lay along the upper stretches of the River Haws.

She wanted him passive, unable to take fright or betray them by recognizing someone, for they would need to travel part of the day on the Hawsport Road which led along the River Haws all the way from the far northern lands over Calihiggy Creek and down to the sea.

She began to plod along it, heading north, the river on her right and on both right and left, leagues away, the crumbly cliffs of Haws Valley.

That was the Ridge of Wicking, between the River Haws and the Westfork, which lay in a great trough north of Betand.

Once Mavin heard water, the sound of a considerable flow, making her believe that the River Haws ran no great distance from them in the forest.

If I had gone in Joramal’s wagon, we would have gone from Mip, up the river to its confluence with the Haws, then up the mountain road to the Banner, down the Banner to the Gathered Waters, and down the Gathered Waters to River Reave, to Gaywater, and thence east to Xammer.

All down the River Haws were mud slides and eruptions of red and yellow smoke, as though great pustules had broken from beneath the skin of the world.

I came to see the Sniffs, Scurrys, Hems, and Haws each needed to be treated differently.