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a. Reminiscent of a hawk.


adj. resembling a hawk (in character or appearance) [syn: hawky]

Usage examples of "hawklike".

With his short, well-groomed black hair, clean-shaven hawklike features that had set many of the women of the court atwitter, quick mind, and a bearing more princely than any prince in the Alliance, it was not at all surprising that everyone involved in the Alterac situation had taken to him, Genn Greymane included.

French carried a Cairene intonation that went with his hawklike nose and high cheekbones.

Abu Musa spread himself and his pale blue galabieh over the rest of the seat, a dazzling white keffiyeh on his head for the occasion, set at a rakish angle above his hawklike face.

Like Skandranon, he was of the broadwing variety, hawklike rather than falconiform, but he was huskier than Skandranon.

Her fierce hawklike features sagged and were marred by bruises, cuts, and swelling.

Once they feared attack by a giant hawklike bird with nasty talons and beak and a better than three-meter wingspan, but after a lot of screeching and mock attack runs, it had broken off, possibly because they had gone out of its territory, possibly because it decided these newcomers were just too damned big to deal with.

In spite of its hawklike flight, and its anticipation of the tactic with which Baden and his owl had tried to lure it into danger, in spite of its obvious ability to see and hear and think just as Pordath had been able to do, the creature was no more than a tool.

Large flocks of pelicans and beauti us flew overhead, and many kinds of raptors, including d white-tailed eagles, honey buzzards, and hawklike hob r greater numbers of small birds hopping, flying, singing, heir brilliant colors: nightingales and warblers, blackcaps, red-breasted flycatchers, golden orioles, and many other ams were common in the delta, but the elusive, well marsh birds were heard more often than seen.

She saw herself with less make-up and a higher neckline than for Bobby Cotterel, and Malise’s hawklike face softening, as he took her hand, saying: “When I first met you at Bilborough, I thought you were just a lovely face.

A little owl with a slightly flattened hawklike head peered down at them from one of the branches.

Those eyes, the hawklike eyes of a zek, darted to one side and slid swiftly over what was laid out there.