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have a fit

vb. 1 (context idiomatic English) To experience an epileptic seizure. 2 (context idiomatic English) To become suddenly enraged.

have a fit

v. get very angry and fly into a rage; "The professor combusted when the student didn't know the answer to a very elementary question"; "Spam makes me go ballistic" [syn: flip one's lid, blow up, throw a fit, hit the roof, hit the ceiling, have kittens, combust, blow one's stack, fly off the handle, flip one's wig, lose one's temper, blow a fuse, go ballistic]

Usage examples of "have a fit".

If Mom were home she'd have a fit, but she was out delivering fliers in Lewisport for the K-mart grand opening.

You're simply not a country person Harry, you shouldn't go around building fires, any minute Oscar will be out from his nap and he'll have a fit.

Cyr thought the trainer was going to have a fit and strike the dog dead with his bare hands.

I said quietly, 'And we aren't married, and don't want to have to get married - not the way Joe and Amelia had to - my mother would have a fit.

From time to time she made attempts to get her fat down, picking at her food for a few days until she was so low in spirits that she would have a fit of weeping, and take a medicinal slice of pie.

If you vanish now, she will think back to your last conversation, put two and two together, have a fit of remorse, whatever.