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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Haut \Haut\ (h[add]t), a. [F. See Haughty.] Haughty. [Obs.] ``Nations proud and haut.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

a. (context obsolete English) haughty.

Haut (Cetaganda)

The Haut are the ruling and highest class aristocracy of the Cetagandan Empire in Lois McMaster Bujold's sci-fi series, the Vorkosigan Saga. They feature heavily in the novel Cetaganda.

Haut (newspaper)

Haut was a newspaper published in Luxembourg between 1981 and 1983.

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Usage examples of "haut".

Er hetzte weiter, ohne auf die Kleider zu achten, die zerfetzten, oder auf die Haut, die mit abging.

Nicolas du Haut, Frenchman of Lorrayn, who had byn lackay to my frende Otho Henrick Duke of Brunswik and Lienburgh, to seke a servyse, being dismissed by passport from his Lord after his long sikenes.

Leurs coiffes blanches, tantot relevees en coquille sur le haut de la tete, tantot pendantes sur les epaules, mettent dans les assemblees une grace tres douce, profonde et triste.

Paris que voyaient du haut des tours de Notre-Dame les corbeaux qui vivaient en 1482.

Michel-Archange, qui lance et retint la foudre et se plait sur les hauts lieux.

Rian and the haut Pel waited until the room emptied, and Miles perforce waited with them.

Miles and the haut Pel found themselves alone with Kety in a van-like space clearly designed for the lady-bubbles.

He relieved the guard of his stunner, and tiptoed inside, the haut Pel floating after.

Benin, across the room, was bowing and scraping to the hauts Pel and Nadina, and supplying them with float-chairs, albeit lacking force-screens, extra robes, and ghem-lady attendants.

He was followed by the hauts Pel, Nadina, and Rian in their float-chairs, shields down, who silently arranged themselves on one side of the room.

Le plus grossier peut monter bien haut, le plus raffiné peut tomber bien bas.

Ursula, angry at being treated quite so insultingly DE HAUT EN BAS, from the height of esoteric art to the depth of general exoteric amateurism, replied, hotly, flushing and lifting her face.

A leaf or two gives a haut relievo, but more is deadly poison, I am told.

Sie warf das regenbogenfarbene Laken ab, und Ihre Haut leuchtete wie der Mond.

De ces divers endroits il est voyer, haut, moyen et bas justicier, plein seigneur.