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Haus may refer to:

  • In mathematics, the category of Hausdorff spaces with continuous maps

Usage examples of "haus".

Sie mir aber wohl noch sagen ob das Haus des reichen Herrn Dollinger nahe am Thore ist, oder weit in der Stadt drin?

Dir auch heute nichts weiter sagen, es ist sogar sehr die Frage ob der Mann unten im Haus noch auf ist.

Tag zu Haus geblieben, und hatte manche von seinen Sachen, wobei ihm die Frau half, zusammengetragen und in einen Ranzen gepackt.

De Haus had been puzzled when he received the invitation from Scotland Yard.

De Haus had hated trains and the whole macho myth of growing up to be an engine driver.

De Haus had placed himself on the inside seat, his overcoat bundled in the one opposite.

De Haus had discounted both of these theories, at least for the moment.

De Haus gathered his possessions up in his arms, then made his way to the very front of the snaking passenger train, so that he would not have a tiresome wait at the taxi stand.

De Haus had a secret, a big secret, and he was going to share it with a friend - at least, he hoped she would become one.

The man had loathed De Haus since he had been a hard-working undergraduate.

But as the light bit into the darkness, De Haus looked with pride at the vast bank of computers that reflected his interest in their multi-hued screens.

De Haus realised he could not afford to attempt contact through the Births, Deaths and Marriages section that the killers had used for their gruesome announcements.

Alone again, Molineux asked his secretary to show De Haus into the room.

De Haus, who replaced his spectacles and read the name of the subject and a brief history of her life.

De Haus had been disappointed with the initial response to his personal ad.