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Hauck is a German patronymic family name, derived from the first name Hugo. It may refer to the following notable persons:

  • Adam Hauck - Writer, producer, and director
  • Albert Hauck - (1845-1918) German theologian and church historian.
  • Alexander Hauck - (born 1988) German international rugby union player.
  • Bobby Hauck - (born 1964) American college football coach.
  • Frederick Hauck - (born 1941) Retired Captain in the United States Navy, a former fighter pilot, and NASA astronaut.
  • Guenther Hauck - (born 1941) Known as ''Tatunca Nara, a German-Brazilian jungle guide and self-styled Indian chieftain.
  • Minnie Hauk - (1851-1929) Born Amalia Mignon Hauck, she was an American operatic soprano.
  • Rainer Hauck - (born 1978) German Association Football (Soccer) player.
  • Rebecca Hauck - Conwoman, accomplice to Matthew Cox.
  • Tim Hauck - (born 1966) Former American football player.

Usage examples of "hauck".

Franz Bauer, I found a considerable crowd of people in the common room, and, in the midst of them, the innkeeper, Christian Hauck, in altercation with a stranger.

He then repeated his accusations against the innkeeper, Hauck, saying that Hauck, or, rather, another man who resembled Hauck and who had claimed to be the innkeeper, had drugged his wine and stolen his coach and made off with his secretary and his servants.

I returned to the common room, he was nowhere to be seen, and this other fellow, who has given his name as Christian Hauck, claimed to be the innkeeper and denied knowledge of any of the things I have just stated.

Christian Hauck, innkeeper, taken at the police station at Perleburg, 25 November, 1809.

Miyu and Hauck and the others came forward, and Oz thought of Shen and Ferric, the two werewolves Muztag had given over to Cain.

But now as she gazed into him she thought she saw some spark there, and a more horrible possibility occurred to her: Hauck was not out of his mind, not insane, his persona not erased.

The pressure on her neck lessened, and again she could see Hauck above her.

The sorcerer and Hauck had nearly killed her, but her skull-fire blazed again.

Elizabeth Crook, Steve Harrigan, Doe Coover, Pam Novotny, and Rex Hauck helped raise me from the abysses of my own making.

She had gone up to the University that night to look at the Hartgen art exhibition outside Hauck, heard the music coming from the lounge, and went in on what was little more than a whim.

At last she got to one display that mattered, ENTER YOUR BRAINWARE SPECS FOR REGISTRATION, and she gave it the false specs her tutor had provided: Hauck 9200, model 42A.

In Hauck Auditorium, sitting beside Carol Gerber, this crazy card-party had seemed like a dream.