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a. 1 Of, relating to, or resembling, a hat. 2 (context of a person English) Fond of hats.

Usage examples of "hatty".

And when a girl who had apparently been trying to blackmail her also came to an abrupt end, Hatty found herself in custody.

Hatty wanted to look in, but the steps went quickly along the passage and a minute later a closed door warned her that Hatty had gone to bed.

Chadwick, seeing Hatty about to pick up her child, which was beautiful enough to have come out of a fairy-tale, snatched it back.

Formidable, though, a thruster, a die-in-the-ditch fellow, and it was beginning to look as though that was just what Hatty was needing.

Suppose the gossips were right who believed that Hatty had been in love with the dead youth, and he had admitted his preference for this Marguerite Grey, might she have given him the deadly drink by way of revenge?

Philip Cobb knew a good deal more about Hatty than any of her family realised.

Marguerite to anyone, not to his aunt, his colleagues or, so far as evidence went, to Hatty herself.

His existence might prove a motive for Hatty wanting Richard out of the way.

Richard might have taken his own life, Hatty might have poisoned him, he might have taken the stuff not believing it was a fatal dose or not believing it was poisonous at all.

Richard had tilted the tablets into his palm and pitched the phial away on the triangle of waste-land at the corner of Allen Lane, where Hatty had set him down.

Paris, the strange, the enchanting city, where she had been a student for a year and where, if anywhere, she could disembarrass herself of this wretched shadow, Hatty Savage, and start all over again.

Bridge Street, and when Hatty opened the door there was Marguerite on the step.

He was certain that so long as they remained in Brightling Hatty would refuse to bear him a child.

Hatty was the dearest creature in the world to her, and Hatty, unlike John, needed her support.

Besides, you want a motive, and the person with a possible motive was Hatty Cobb, and there had been two other people present when she arrived.