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Hatti may refer to

  • Hatti (; Assyrian ) in Bronze Age Anatolia:
    • the area of Hattusa, roughly delimited by the Halys bend
    • the Hattians of the 3rd and 2nd millennia BC
    • the Hittites of ca 1400–1200 BC
    • the areas to the west of the Euphrates controlled by Neo-Hittite kingdoms (1000–700 BC)

Usage examples of "hatti".

You is here with old Hatti now and you is gonna be took care of proper.

Heather gazed around her with wide eyes, and Hatti, seeing her interest in the house, made a detour through double doors into the drawing room, never ceasing her chatter.

Heather stared agog at the splendid furnishings and Hatti chuckled with pride as she pulled her along again into the central hall and up the stairs.

Jeff stood aside watching his brother battle the horse for control, and Hatti joined Heather at the window to view the scene below.

Heather soaked in the bath while Hatti hustled George and Luke up the stairs and into the room next door with the trunks and began unpacking them, putting the clothes away in the master bedroom.

She had already realized that Hatti continued on and with conjectures, in most cases, answered her own questions with amazing accuracy.

Some moments later Hatti closed the door quietly behind her and left a drowsy Heather lying across the bed, a soft, downy quilt spread over her.

Brandon opened the door and Heather came to his side to peer into the other room at Hatti who stood holding up a pair of the quilted pantalets.

Heather was awed by the cleanliness and flawless routine maintained by Hatti and Aunt Ruth.

Heather was undecided for a moment, not knowing whether she should welcome the peddler or not, but when Hatti came through the house from the back, she followed the woman out onto the porch.

In these everyday items Heather showed little interest, but Hatti attended each display closely.

He went through his hard wares and introduced them to scents purportedly from the Orient and fragrant soaps of which Hatti coyly selected several, asking her mistress if she desired any of these heady stuffs.

Bates began displaying his materials and Hatti chose for herself a fine piece for Sunday wear while Heather watched, smiling.

As he climbed into the wagon to search out the requested items, Hatti sidled close and whispered softly.

He laughed and bid goodbye and she waved him off and began happily gathering the materials while Hatti shook her head and grumbled.