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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hath \Hath\ (h[a^]th), v., 3d pers. sing. pres. of Have, contracted from haveth. Has. [Archaic.]

What hath God wrought?
--Samuel F. B. Morse [The first message sent by telegraph, from Mr. Morse, at the chamber of the Supreme Court (then in the United States Capitol) to his assistant Albert Vail at the Mount Clair Depot in Baltimore in 1844. Mr. Morse allowed Annie Ellsworth, the daughter of a friend, to choose the words, which she took from Numbers xxiii. 23.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

archaic third person singular present indicative of have.


vb. (context archaic English) (en-third-person singularhave)


Hath may refer to:

  • Hat'h, an obsolete unit of length in India
  • Hath (Doctor Who), a Doctor Who alien
  • hath, an obsolete form of has; see English verbs

Usage examples of "hath".

For if so be it doth not, then may ye all abide at home, and eat of my meat, and drink of my cup, but little chided either for sloth or misdoing, even as it hath been aforetime.

But this knight hath no affairs to look to: so if he will abide with us for a little, it will be our pleasure.

Now this cheaping irked Ralph sorely, as was like to be, whereas, as hath been told, he came from a land where were no thralls, none but vavassors and good yeomen: yet he abode till all was done, hansel paid, and the thralls led off by their new masters.

I must now acquaint you with a piece of news, which, I believe, will afflict my friends more than it hath afflicted me.

I had gone forth to visit Dame Clatworthy, who hath the tertian ague, and they did beset me on my return.

Bane, but a man well nigh as old as his uncle, though he hath not made men tremble so sore, albeit he be far the better man, a good warrior, a wise leader, a reiver and lifter well wrought at all points.

In youth he made of Ceyx and Alcyon, And since then he hath spoke of every one These noble wives, and these lovers eke.

Look, Lackwit hath learned that he truly lacks wit, and that Amoroso and Belinda are about to sing their love duet to signify that the play is over, and that he was cuckolded before he even wed his Mistress and made her wife!

I have been dutifull, and you so loving and kinde as to save me from the jaws of death, help me now to protect my honour, convey me hence, let me not live here to please his appetite, but cast me to some unknown place, where like an Anchoret I may live from all the World, and never more to see the face of Man, for in that name all horrour strikes my Senses, and makes my Soul like to some furious thing, so affrighted it hath been.

God is he, for still The great Gods wander on our mortal ways, And watch their altars upon mead or hill And taste our sacrifice, and hear our lays, And now, perchance, will heed if any prays, And now will vex us with unkind control, But anywise must man live out his days, For Fate hath given him an enduring soul.

Then I was greatly astonied, because I could not tell what this new vision signified, or what the intent of the celestiall god was, doubting least the former Priests had given me ill counsell, and fearing that they had not faithfully instructed me : being in this manner as it were incensed the god Osiris appeared to me the night following, and giving me admonition said, There is no occasion why thou shouldest be afraid with so often order of religion, as though there were somewhat omitted, but that thou shouldest rather rejoyce, since as it hath pleased the gods to call thee three times, when as there was never yet any person that atchieved to the order but once : wherefore thou maist thinke thy selfe happy for so great benefits.

Fair Lady, I dare avouch my faith is bright That God doth right and God hath might.

For in this late Battaile in Mellicafhaz Sea hath the whole powre of Wychlande on the sea been beat downe and ruwyned, and the highe Admirall of our whole Navie loste and ded and the names of the great men of accownte that were slayen at the battaile I may not numbre nor the common sorte much lesse by reaisoun that the more part were dround in the sea which came not to Syght.

It is most true that until now, sitting before Eshgrar Ogo, it hath been present to my heart how great an advantage we held against the Demons, and the glory of their defence, so little a strength against us so many, and the great glory of their flinging of us back, these things were a splendour to my soul beholding them.

O my God, him that hath, with beseeching fingers, clung to the hem of Thy mercy and Thy grace, O Thou Who of those who show mercy art the Most Merciful!