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Hass (fish)

Hass is the flesh of the dogfish, wolffish or catfish, also known as Rock Salmon. It was renamed by marketeers to make the fish more appealing to consumers.

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Hass may refer to:

  • Hass (surname)
  • Hass (town), a town in Syria
  • Hass (fish), the flesh of certain fish
  • Hass avocado, a type of avocado named after its cultivator, Rudolph Hass
Hass (surname)

Hass (or Haß) is a German surname. Notable people with this surname include the following:

  • Amira Hass (born 1956), an Israeli journalist and author
  • Eric Hass (1905–1980), an American politician and Socialist Labor party presidential candidate
  • Hans Hass (1919–2013), an Austrian biologist and diving pioneer; husband of Lotte Hass
  • Hedwig Haß (1902–1992), a German fencer and Olympic competitor
  • Hieronymus Albrecht Hass (1689–1752), a German harpsichord maker; father of J. A. Hass
  • Joel Hass (born?), an American mathematician and professor
  • Johann Adolph Hass (1713–1771), a German clavichord maker; son of H. A. Hass
  • Karl Hass (1912–2004), a German SS lieutenant-colonel during World War II
  • Leontine Hass (born ?), a British vocal coach, actress, and singer
  • Lotte Hass (1928–2015), an Austrian diver and underwater model; wife of Hans Hass
  • Ludwik Hass (1918–2008), a Polish historian
  • Mark Hass (born 1956), an American politician
  • Mike Hass (born 1983), an American footballer
  • Ray Hass (born 1977), a South African born Australian swimmer
  • Robert Hass (born 1941), an American Poet Laureate and translator
  • Robert Bernard Hass (born 1962), an American literary critic, author, and poet
  • Rudolph Hass (1892–1952), an American horticulturist, developer of the Hass avocado
  • Siegfried Haß (1898–1987), a German Wehrmacht general during World War II
  • Steve Hass (born 1975), an American drummer
  • Walter Hass (1911–1987), an American football coach and athletic director
  • Wilbert H. Hass (1906-1959), an American paleontologist
  • Yvette Hass (born 1985), a Swedish fashion designer and business woman

Usage examples of "hass".

The ssooner the military hass taken you off our handss, the happier my mate and I will be.

Get the coordinatess of that outposst camp where that mated pair of ssenior xenologisstss hass been working.

It iss imperative that we learn what it iss doing here, if it hass come alone or iss operating in conjunction with as-yet-undetected confederatess, and whether it iss doing sso rogue or in concert with Commonwealth approval.

When the ssituation hass sstablized, the sshuttle will be ssent back to the artifact to remove Commander Voocim and her group.

In a year--two year--we would eclipse Ostend--monsieur himself hass said eet!

Cherman poy vhat hass sacrificed his body for his Fuhrer, but can still vork on de docks.

But the vinter mild hass been, und the whoreson Scots anytime could march.

In conssequence, they have taken up the causse of thiss human, legally admitted to Jasst, who iss obvioussly no danger to anyone ssince he hass no memory.

You speak in my voice and act in my image& Ark Veinsplitter counted those words through his head like prayer beads as he decided what to say to his hass.

He left Hassim to entertain the sailor boy, and went down on the beach to enjoy the sunshine and his beer.