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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hask \Hask\ (h[a^]sk), n. [See Hassock.] A basket made of rushes or flags, as for carrying fish. [Obs.]


n. (context obsolete English) A basket made of rushes or flags, as for carrying fish.


HAŠK (full name Hrvatski akademski športski klub, English: Croatian Academic Sports Club) was a Croatian football club established in Zagreb in 1903 which ceased operating in 1945. The club was one of the most successful sides in Zagreb and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in the period between the two World Wars. Since then several sports clubs have claimed to descend from it, the most significant of which is HAŠK Mladost sports society.


Hask or HASK may refer to:

  • HAŠK, Hrvatski akademski športski klub, Croatian football club
  • Hask (periodical), official publication of the Armenian Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia (Holy See of Cilicia)
  • Hask Armenological Review, an academic publication in Armenian studies
  • Hayastani Azgayin Scautakan Sharjum Kazmakerputiun
  • Hask, the category of Haskell types and extensionally identified Haskell functions as morphisms
Hask (periodical)

Hask (in Armenian Հասկ) is a Lebanese- Armenian publication published by the Armenian Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia in Lebanon and the official organ of the Armenian Apostolic Church - ( Holy See of Cilicia) worldwide.

Hask was established in January 1932 by Coadjutor-Catholicos Papken I. Hask means "ear of corn" in Armenian language. Papken I wrote the following in its first editorial: "The ear of corn symbolizes the Kingdom of God. Hask will become a monthly publication reporting the activities of our Catholicosate and its Dioceses. It will grant the opportunity to our faithful to receive authentic and regular information from the source. Also, it will include religious, literary and other subjects."

Hask covers the official activities of the Catholicosate and its Dioceses, and publishes encyclicals, official statements, sermons and religious and literary articles. The current editor is Very Reverend Father Krikor Chiftjian.

Licensed as a monthly publication, Hask religious Armenian-Apostolic (Orthodox) publication is now published with varying frequencies (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly) as a small-size periodical.

Usage examples of "hask".

Hasknot that those were words Hask yet knew, but Frank hoped the alien would understand that they were meant to be polite.

Frank slept, Hask, who seemed to have no need for sleep, worked his way through the two thousand line drawings included with the CD, and for the ones that made sense to him, he listened to the pronunciations.

By the time Frank woke up the next morning, Hask had substantially increased his vocabulary.

Synonyms confused Hask, thoughthe idea of having more than one word to express exactly the same concept was utterly foreign to him.

As Hask lowered his weight into the chair, the sides compressed, then snapped into place at just the right height to support him.

Clete indulged himself with a few barrel rolls while Hask watched, his head tuft moving in a way that might indicate amusement.

Perhaps, thought Clete, the alien captain felt Hask had exceeded his authority by making first contact before reviving the others, or maybe he was angry over the death of one of his crew.

For now, he thought, sitting here, chatting amiably with pale-blue Hask, dark-blue Kelkad, and gray Torbat, first contact between the human race and aliens seemed to be going spectacularly well.

Now, Hask, do you understand these rights as I have explained them to you?

Tosok, so Hask had been standing for hours, his back hand grasping one of the bars for support.

After the arraignment, Dale and Frank took Hask back to Valcour Hall, where he was clearly delighted to be reunited with the other Tosoks.

No, Hask must face a human jurya jury of beings as alien to him as he is to us.

The question is, do we do better if the potential jurors know Hask or not?

Dale, who was seated with the alien captain, Kelkad, just outside of camera view, had asked Hask not to wear his sunglasses, even though the camera lights were bothering him.

Calhoun had to have been threatening Hask in such a way that Hask felt he was in immediate danger of being killed.