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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hary \Har"y\ (h[a^]r"[y^]), v. t. [Cf. OF. harier to harass, or E. harry, v. t.] To draw; to drag; to carry off by violence. [Obs.]


''' Hary ''' is a commune in the Aisne department in Picardy in northern France.

Hary (disambiguation)

Hary is a commune in northern France. Hary or Háry may also refer to

  • Hary (name)
  • Cyclone Hary, the strongest tropical cyclone in 2001–02 in South-West Indian Ocean
  • Háry János, a Hungarian folk opera
  • Háry János (1941 film), a Hungarian musical film
  • Háry János (1965 film), a Hungarian musical film
Hary (name)

Hary or Háry may refer to the following people

Given name
  • Hary Suharyadi (born 1965), Indonesian tennis player
  • Hary Tanoesoedibjo (born 1965), Indonesian businessman
  • Armin Hary (born 1937), German sprinter
  • László Háry (1890–1953), Commander of the Hungarian Air Force
  • Maryan Hary (born 1980), French road bicycle racer

Usage examples of "hary".

Ne ther was holden no disconfitynge But as a justes or a tourneiynge, For soothly ther was no disconfiture- For fallyng nys nat but an aventure- Ne to be lad by force unto the stake Unyolden, and with twenty knyghtes take, O persone allone, withouten mo, And haryed forth by arme, foot, and too, And eke his steede dryven forth with staves, With footmen, bothe yemen and eek knaves, It nas aretted hym no vileynye, Ther may no man clepen it cowardye.