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Hartt is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Cecil Hartt (1884–1930), Australian cartoonist
  • Charles Frederick Hartt (1840–1878), Canadian-American geologist, paleontologist and naturalist
  • Dale Hartt (born 1979), American mixed martial artist
  • Edmund Hartt, American shipbuilder
  • James Irwin Hartt (1867 – after 1919), Canadian politician
  • Frederick Hartt (1914–1991), American art historian
  • Maurice Hartt (1895–1950), Romanian-born Canadian politician
  • Reg Hartt (born 1946), Canadian film archivist and critic
  • Rollin Lynde Hartt (1869–1946), American journalist
  • Stanley Hartt (born 1937), Canadian lawyer and businessman
  • Thomas Aaron Hartt (1858–1930), Canadian politician

Hartt may also refer to:

  • The Hartt School, the comprehensive performing arts conservatory of the University of Hartford located in West Hartford, Connecticut, United States, that offers degree programs in music, dance, and theatre