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Harriette may refer to:

  • Harriette Chick (1875–1977), notable British protein scientist and nutritionist
  • Harriette Cole (born 1961), writer and columnist who works for the New York Daily News
  • Harriette Deborah Lacy (1807–1874), English actress born in London
  • Harriette Moore (1902–1952), African-American teacher and civil rights worker
  • Harriette Newell Woods Baker (1815–1893), prolific American author of books for children
  • Harriette Simpson Arnow (1908–1986), American novelist, claimed by both Kentucky and Michigan as a native daughter
  • Harriette Tarler (1920–2001), American film actress
  • Harriette Walters served as a tax assessments manager for the District of Columbia
  • Harriette Wilson (1786–1845), celebrated British Regency courtesan
  • Harriette Winslow (born 1950), actress on the show Perfect Strangers and the ABC/CBS series of Family Matters