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Etymology 1 n. (context British dialectal English) A sea mist Etymology 2

n. (context carpentry English) The stile that bears the hinges of a gate.


Harr is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Burke Harr (born 1971), American politician
  • Harry R. Harr (1921–1945), United States army soldier and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Jonathan Harr, American writer
  • Karl Erik Harr (born 1940), Norwegian artist and writer
  • Karl G. Harr, Jr. (1922–2002), United States National Security Advisor
  • L. T. Harr, American football coach

Usage examples of "harr".

Of them all, only the Archiem and Harr, Thane sen Tenko, seemed fairly sober, although each kept urging the other to drink deep.

We went to the Five to protest and were sent to the Skyrr representative, Harr sen Tenko.

Rumor has it that one of them—probably Harr sen Tenko—is thoroughly annoyed, and who can blame him?

Here as elsewhere, he plied her with shrewd questions, mostly about his countryman, Harr, Thane sen Tenko.

For all she knew, her host might be related both to Harr and Marplet sen Tenko.

Everyone in the high country knows that if that miserable Harr can buy enough support, he may well become a serious threat to the Archiem.

Then, when the sequence was complete, she bowed, opened her eyes, and found herself on the center table under the chandelier, with King Sellik, the Archiem, and Harr sen Tenko all staring at her.

Rumor has it that one of themprobably Harr sen Tenkois thoroughly annoyed, and who can blame him?