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Harnack is the surname of a German family of intellectuals, artists, mathematicians, scientists, theologians and those in other fields. Several family members were executed by the Nazis during the last years of the Third Reich.

  • Theodosius Harnack (1817–1889), German theologian

:*Anna Harnack (1849–?)

:* Adolf von Harnack (1851–1930), German liberal theologian and historian of religion

::*Agnes von Zahn-Harnack (1884–1950), German writer and women's rights activist

::* Ernst von Harnack (1888–1945), German anti-Nazi resistance fighter

:::* Gustav-Adolf von Harnack (1917-2010), German pediatrician

::* Elisabet von Harnack (1892–1976), German social worker

::* Axel von Harnack (1895–1974), German historian and philologist

:* Carl Gustav Axel Harnack (1851–1888), German mathematician

:* Erich Harnack, professor of pharmacology

:* Otto Harnack, literature historian

::* Clara Harnack, painter and wife of Otto

:::* Arvid Harnack (1901–1942), German anti-Nazi resistance fighter

::::* Mildred Harnack (1902–1943), American anti-Nazi resistance fighter, wife of Arvid

:::* Falk Harnack (1913–1991), German anti-Nazi resistance fighter, film and stage director, brother of Arvid Harnack

;Other uses:

  • Harnack's principle