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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Hark away

Hark \Hark\ (h[aum]rk), v. i. [OE. herken. See Hearken.] To listen; to hearken. [Now rare, except in the imperative form used as an interjection, Hark! listen.]

Hark away! Hark back! Hark forward! (Sporting), cries used to incite and guide hounds in hunting.

To hark back, to go back for a fresh start, as when one has wandered from his direct course, or made a digression.

He must have overshot the mark, and must hark back.

He harked back to the subject.
--W. E. Norris.

Usage examples of "hark away".

When Birgitte went to the door and called in Hansard, giving him instructions to take Hark away and keep him safe from prying eyes, Hark staggered and would have fallen if the husky Guardsman had not held him up on the way out of the room.