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n. (dated form of harem English)

Usage examples of "harim".

Kiukiu led Harim the long way around, away from the burned, scorched ridge where so many Tielens had died.

Tielen soldiers guarding the gate took charge of Harim and brought Kiukiu before their commanding officer, Captain Lindgren.

And the harim is of course always that of a wealthy man, who can afford sorbets and oils and silken trousers instead of cheap hand-me-downs that have to last you three years.

Algiers at the age of fourteen with a French soldier rather than go into the harim her father had chosen for her.

Obediently, Harim set off at a slow trot, the runners of the sleigh grinding over the snowy cobbles of the yard.

I would have felt myself a traitor to my sex if I had missed any opportunity to lecture the poor oppressed creatures of the harim on their rights and privileges - though heaven knows, we Englishwomen were far from having attained the rights due us.

He even invaded the harim if one may use that word to distinguish a small room inhabited by two cowering females.

Alagh, alongside Harim, and the two ponies jogged along side by side quite companionably.

Nearby she could hear Harim and Alagh contentedly chomping the rich grass and giving the occasional breathy snort.

Even sturdy Harim was agitated and although she murmured soothingly to him and stroked his shaggy mane, he kept jerking his head away.

The harim guard bowed his head respectfully at my approach, but made no move to step aside.

I thought of going to find Kazimain, and though I would not be allowed to enter the harim, I thought I might at least send a message for her to meet me in the courtyard.

Turks have always looted the harims of the world for our women, but our sons are always Turks.