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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ If you can't get chick peas, the same sort of salad can be made with haricot beans.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Haricot \Har"i*cot\ (h[a^]r"[-e]*k[-o]; F. [.a]`r[-e]`k[-o]"), n. [F.]

  1. A ragout or stew of meat with beans and other vegetables.

  2. The ripe seeds, or the unripe pod, of the common string bean ( Phaseolus vulgaris), used as a vegetable. Other species of the same genus furnish different kinds of haricots.


Etymology 1 n. A common bean. Etymology 2

n. A stew of lamb and vegetables.

  1. n. a French variety of green bean plant bearing light-colored beans

  2. a French bean variety with light-colored seeds; usually dried [syn: flageolet]

Usage examples of "haricot".

But well indeed do I see the faces of the guests--poor clerks and shopboys, bloodless girls and women of many sorts--all endeavouring to find a relish in lentil soup and haricot something-or-other.

I spent ten sous on a cup of coffee and a plate of fried onions and haricot beans, and three francs on a savoury pie, highly flavoured with garlic, and a quarter-bottle of excellent cognac.

Bottled beer stood under a shelf, and there were two bags of haricot beans and some limp lettaces.

The stuff they were eating was a thin stew, actually a soup, of haricot beans.

A filling bowl of haricot beans cooked in a tomato and vegetable sauce!

I left a message asking that the food-stuffs, plus a lamb roast and a couple of extra bags of haricots verts and Yukon Gold potatoes, be brought to Hyde Castle today, if possible.

After some thought, I sketched out a simple plan for the evening meal: lamb roast with pan gravy and mint jelly, baked potatoes, steamed haricots verts, a large tossed salad with grated fresh Parmesan cheese, and homemade bread.

Julian steamed the haricots verts, then moved on to preparing a complex sauce.

After Monique paid the peasant, she held out her stringbag - a universal French shopping tool - and he poured haricots verts into it.

The ambassador spoke briefly, then a lavish, though overcooked and underspiced, din-her followed: baby lamb with sauce Niqoise and haricots verts.

His Haricots Verts avec Almondine and his Veau Flambe are not to be equaled.

And immediately the two handsome young SS troopers appeared, this time bearing medallions of veal in a lemon butter sauce, and potatoes Anna, and haricots verts.