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hard sciences

n. (hard science English)

Usage examples of "hard sciences".

Is it a liberal arts college or does it specialize in the hard sciences?

And lest anyone imagine things are different in the hard sciences, consider string theory, which has been the dominant physical theory for nearly 20 years.

Or, to go back to the hard sciences, their knowledge is certainly sold.

The same with all the hard sciences like chemistry and, say, meteorology.

I cant help noticing that anthropologists, sociologists--the whole gang--get a delicious rush of superiority by denying the objective reality of the hard sciences discoveries.

The researchers in hard sciences on Newton and Venus may have traveled so far beyond ordinary humans that they can talk to us only haltingly, nowadays.

But over the course of the 1970s, '80s, and '90s, as more writers came into the field from the social sciences and humanities rather than the hard sciences, both styles and subject matter began to change.

The dum-dums in PE with their brains in their jockstraps, the goof-offs in Business Administration, the weird types in the hard sciences, and the campus politicians in the social sciences, have all seen fit at one time or another to question the masculinity of any guy in liberal arts.

In colleges, for instance, it often is taught for its content to help teach political science or psychology, anthropology, religion, future studies, or even the hard sciences.