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interj. The command issued by the Drum Major of a marching band to move forwards.


"Harch" is the command issued by the Drum Major of a marching band, or by a Sergeant in charge of assembled troops, to move forwards upon the left foot. The command most commonly issued is "For'd, Harch" meaning for the entire group to move forwards as one body. "For'd" is the attention-getting and directive part of the command; "Harch" is the executive part of the command.

The term "harch", rather than "march" is used, as the latter term may easily be scattered by noise. For similar reasons, the contraction "for'd" is (preferably) used rather than "forward." Also, the term march may be confused with a number of other commands that include this word, e.g., "To the Right Flank, Harch."

Category:Marching bands

Usage examples of "harch".

What feels right is the answer that is no answer, the answer that makes no sense: These men are dead ringers for Harch, Quince, Jellicoe, and Parker, not just in my eyes but in reality.

He wasn't worth special attention unless, like me, you were pretending you were Maria Graim, the feelies star, and him Sidney Harch meeting you in the bar to give you a spy capsule.

That's when I pretended I was Maria Graim waiting at a Port Said bar to pick up a spy capsule from Sidney Harch like in the feelie I'd seen Sunday.