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Harana (band)

Harana is an all male-group in the Philippines. It is under ABS-CBN and Star Music.


Harana may refer to:

  • Harana/Valle de Arana a municipality in the autonomous community of Basque Country, northern Spain
  • Sierra Harana mountain range in the center of the province of Granada, southern Spain
  • Harana Halli (Kannada:ಹಾರನಹಳ್ಳಿ) village in the southern state of Karnataka, India
  • Harana (band), Philippines band founded in 2015
  • Harana (serenade), traditional serenade in the Philippines
  • Harana (elopement), capturing a girl to marry her in Hindu legend
Harana (serenade)

The Harana is serenade tradition in rural areas of the Philippines in which young men may formally meet single lady visitors.

Harana (elopement)

Harana in Indian Hindu tradition, is capturing a girl to marry her. A wedding where the groom captures the bride by harana is termed a Rakshasa wedding.