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Hantu may refer to:

  • Hantu, a generic name for ghost in Malay folklore and Malay ghost myths
    • Hantu Air, a spirit of the water
    • Hantu Penanggal, a female nocturnal ghost
    • Hantu Pocong, a spirit of the dead
    • Hantu Raya, a spirit that confers its owner great powers
  • Hán tự, the Vietnamese term for Chinese characters

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Usage examples of "hantu".

The speaker was Rzak Xhen, leader of the Hantu tribe, whose lands bordered those of the Erek-jhip-zhonad.

Left to his own devices he would have worked tirelessly for his Hantu people, increasing their wealth and their prestige, quietly building their strength.

Not a man of war, yet he was a fine soldier and strategist, and he was held in great respect by the leaders of minor tribes surrounding Hantu lands.

As he leaned over the Hantu leader Rzak reached into his sleeve and drew a short dagger which he held to the young man's belly.

The Almecs had suffered heavy losses, but at the day's end more than 2,000 Hantu lay dead upon the field, among them the leader Rzak Xhen.

A place or a time is hantu, and a quality of being is kuntu: beautiful, hideous, or lame, for example.