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Hanö is an island off Listerlandet peninsula, western Blekinge, Sweden. Between 1810 and 1812 the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom used the island as its base during its operations in the Baltic Sea. The "English Seaman's Graveyard" is situated on the island, and still today British warships visit the island to pay tribute to the fifteen sailors who rest there. In 1972 the Royal Navy constructed a big wooden cross on the spot of the graveyard which is visible several miles out to sea.


Hano can refer to:

  • Hanö, an island off Listerlandet peninsula, western Blekinge, Sweden
  • Arizona Tewa, a Tewa Pueblo group
  • Hano (song), a song in the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest by Nino Pršeš
  • Housing Authority of New Orleans
  • Raga language, spoken in Vanuatu
Hano (song)

"Hano" was the Bosnian and Herzegovinian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2001, performed in Bosnian and English by Nino Pršeš.
The song was performed third on the night, following Iceland's Two Tricky with " Angel" and preceding Norway's Haldor Lægreid with " On My Own". At the close of voting, it had received 29 points, placing 14th in a field of 23.

The song is a love song directed at the titular Hana, with the singer asking her to let him love her.

It was succeeded as Bosnian and Herzegovinian representative at the 2002 contest by Maja Tatić with " Na jastuku za dvoje".

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Usage examples of "hano".

Asa were still sojourning in Canyon de Chelly, and before the arrival of the Hano, another bloody scene had been enacted in Tusayan.

Similar heaps marked the places where other Ute were killed as they fled before the Hano, but not far from the San Juan the last one was killed.

The land was then divided, an imaginary line between Hano and Sichumovi, extending eastward entirely across the valley, marked the southern boundary, and from this line as far north as the spot where the last Utah was killed was assigned to the Hano as their possession.

Asa and the Hano women have the same peculiar fashion of wearing the hair, still there is no affinity of blood claimed between them.

This led the Hopituh to make reparation, which restored the confidence of the Hano, and they returned to the mesa, and the recently arrived party were also induced to remain.

Something of this spirit was maintained until quite recent years, and for this reason the Hano still speak their own language, and have preserved several distinctive customs, although now the most friendly relations exist among all the villages.

After the Hano were quietly established in their present position the Asa returned, and the Walpi allotted them a place to build in their own village.

Asa people, formed a nucleus about which the Tewa village of Hano was constructed.

Walpi promontory is so abrupt and difficult of access that there is no trail by which horses can be brought to the village without passing through Hano and Sichumovi, traversing the whole length of the mesa tongue, and crossing a rough break or depression in the mesa summit close to the village.

One of the trails referred to in the description of Hano has been converted into a wagon road, as has been already described.

This feature is found at some of the other villages, notably at Mashongnavi, in the central court, and at Hano, where it is located at some distance outside of the village, near the main trail to the mesa.

The membership is composed of men from all the Hano gentes, but not all of any one gens.

This term does not include the inhabitants of the village of Tewa or Hano, who are called Hanomuh.

Beyond them by some fifty feet were the archers, protected by a German knight named Hano von Linka and the limping Myles Brabazon, easing his wounded leg with a boar spear for a crutch.

Beq stood, and de Beq glanced only briefly at the inventory William handed to him, before beckoning to Hano von Linka, whose wounds were slight.