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The Collaborative International Dictionary

hanky \hanky\ n. Same as handkerchief.

Syn: handkerchief, hankie, hankey.


n. (context colloquial English) Short form of handkerchief.


n. a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessory [syn: handkerchief, hankie, hankey]


Usage examples of "hanky".

Local insurance associations and loan companies kept Benedict Filesthe pen a man had used to sign his contract, his snubbed-out cigarette butt, a plastex hanky with which he had mopped his brow, an object left in security, the remains of a biopsy or blood testso that Benedick could use his power against those who renege on these companies and flee, on those who break their laws.

Chocolates and scent and beautifully embroidered hankies, and in a long, beribboned box a fur scarf to match her cap.

In fact, the geometry of the bleachers, the lectern, and the main media area was such that it was impossible to get a shot of Cozzano without taking in several hundred supporters in the bleachers behind him, all waving hankies and signs, just like fans seated behind the goalposts at a football game.

At any rate, Becky seemed to understand how necessary a fresh supply of presentable hankies was to Harvey without his having to go into details about the carrot muffins and the burglars and the Niagara fall of gratified tears.

The idea of going up against Childers with a pocket hanky containing a gram of machine dust did not strike me as wise.

Behind the glass were Roachsters, Slugabeds, hanky bushes, padplants, flytraps, condombers, snackbushes, garbage disposals, litterbugs, fluorescent philodendrons, and other products of the gengineer's art.

Stephanie's juggling lace hankies and firing her cap gun at the ceiling.

They dropped their huge purple flowers every so often, one at a time, like ladies dropping their hankies to get your attention.

A very queer duck indeed, but handsome in a grisly sort of way, dresses grandly -- expensive cloth -- and scents his hanky with Hungary water.

He put three reefs in the main and hooked up the storm jib that was hardly bigger than a hanky.