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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hankey-pankey \Han"key-pan"key\, Hankey-pank \Han"key-pank`\(h[a^][ng]"k[y^]*p[a^][ng]"k[y^]), n. [Cf. Hocus-pocus.] [Also spelled hanky-panky.]

  1. Professional cant; the chatter of conjurers to divert attention from their tricks; hence, jugglery. [Colloq.]

  2. Illegal or unethical behavior, usually surreptitious; as, the boss got suspicious when profits seemed lower than expected, and hired an investigator to see if any hankey-pankey was going on. [Informal]

  3. Extramarital sexual relations, especially adultery.

Usage examples of "hankey-pankey".

It was I who added counters to his stakes, just once or twice, and not nearly as often as they said - why, I was quite shocked when I read in the papers last week, the kind of evidence they were giving, even Mrs Wilson - dear me, if there had been that much hankey-pankey with the counters the whole world must have seen, the Prince and everyone!