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n. (plural of hankering English)

Usage examples of "hankerings".

So I took to frequenting York Road slaughterhouse early in the morning on the days they were killing kosher cows: not for any residual hankerings after my ethnic origins, but because in non-kosher killing the animal is shot with a bolt through the head, which tends to make a mess of the brain I wanted intact.

Since he was the son of a suicide, it was hardly surprising that his secret hankerings were embarrassing and small.

It was also a good psychological ploy aimed at Endelmyer, who, Tyron knew—having done his homework as any good salesman would have—had hankerings for rubbing shoulders on the Washington circuit.

Truly it was impossible to dissociate her presence from all those wretched hankerings after money and gentility that had disturbed my boyhood – from all those ill-regulated aspirations that had first made me ashamed of home and Joe – from all those visions that had raised her face in the glowing fire, struck it out of the iron on the anvil, extracted it from the darkness of night to look in at the wooden window of the forge and flit away.