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Haney may refer to:

  • Haney (surname)
Haney (surname)

Haney is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Anne Haney, actress
  • Bob Haney, comic book writer
  • Carol Haney, dancer
  • Chris Haney, Canadian co-creator of popular board game Trivial Pursuit
  • David Haney, composer, pianist
  • Daryl Haney, actor, screenwriter
  • Eric L. Haney, security consultant
  • Francis J. Heney, attorney, district attorney, Arizona Attorney General, and Assistant U.S. Attorney for Orgeon
  • Fred Haney, baseball player
  • Hank Haney, golf instructor
  • Henry Ryan Haney, politician
  • Jack Haney, first person to drive across Canada in an automobile
  • Kevin Haney, Academy Award winning make-up artist
  • Larry Haney, baseball player & coach
  • Lee Haney, bodybuilder
  • Lewis Henry Haney, economist
  • Lynn Haney, biographer
  • Milton L. Haney, recipient of Medal of Honor
  • Todd Haney, baseball player

Fictional characters:

  • Mr. Haney, fictional TV character