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Hane may refer to:

  • Hane, Marquesas Islands
  • Hane (Go), term of the board game Go
  • Hane Station Ōda, Shimane Prefecture
  • Hane Station (Ishikawa) (羽根駅, Hane-eki) former railway station located in Noto, Hōsu District, Ishikawa Prefecture
  • Hane, family name:
    • Yasumasa Hane (羽根 泰正 1944) professional Go player
    • Naoki Hane (羽根 直樹 1976) professional Japanese Go player
  • Hane (Kotoko album), 2004 album by Kotoko
  • Hane (Tatsuya Ishii album), 2003 album by Tatsuya Ishii
  • High-altitude nuclear explosion (HANE)
Hane (Kotoko album)

is the first full album by the Japanese artist Kotoko. It was released on April 21, 2004. Later on June 20, 2006, she released an English version of this album with the same title Hane but without its kanji.

Usage examples of "hane".

Now, with the ceasing of the voice, Hanes and Chanler saw before them, at a distance of ten feet, the instant apparition of two creatures that were comparable to nothing in the whole known zoology of Mars or Earth.