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handing down

vb. (present participle of hand down English)

Usage examples of "handing down".

Around him, unless they were playing stones, her expression was usually severe enough for a judge handing down a death sentence, and her tone matched it.

The fine springs jounced as the troopers climbed in and began handing down the luggage within, none too gently.

Instead, they stay up in their eagles' nest of a fai'thast, dreaming their strange dreams and handing down proclamations.

Like as long as he was handing down the line, I'd swallow it and not even think about it.

Now the Justices finished handing down decisions on the initial requests and the Prosecutor opened with a history of the Iretan expedition.

The old man leaned far over the edge handing down the oblong blocks of explosive and Robert Jordan reached up for them, shoved them in where he wanted them, packed them close, braced them, “.

Beech had lectured him from the bench, high and lordly from above, and had felt good about himself for handing down such a brutal sentence.

His hat had been replaced by a long white scarf tied atop his head, the ends handing down his neck.

Some people wandering in the wilderness for hundreds and hundreds of years, patiently handing down a sword and a birthmark?