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hand dryer

n. An electric device in a restroom to dry hands.

Hand dryer

Hand dryers are electric devices found in public washrooms that are used to dry hands. They may either operate with a button or automatically using an infrared sensor.

Usage examples of "hand dryer".

She has already done her wash and is putting her things into the left-hand dryer.

I finished washing the blood away, and went to stand in front of the electric hand dryer.

The toilet did flush, but the hand dryer was busted and since paper towels had been eliminated in the interest of sanitation, I ended up drying my hands on my jeans while I walked around outside.

I washed my face and hair and hands as best I could, and I dried my hair under the hot-air hand dryer.

But then she sees a blue plastic pen, left atop some kind of wall-mounted hand dryer.

I trained the hand dryer's flow of warm air onto my shirt, reknotted my necktie, and patted my hair.

But he leaned against the paneled wall, very well dressed, shoes polished, hair combed and probably blown dry with a hand dryer, and he talked to her as if they were across a table at L Argenteuil.